Advent Calendar 2010

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Advent Calendar 2010

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:21 am

A Daily Updated List of what you might have missed:

December 1
Woodland Archer CookiesStay away from the cookies
Festive OrnamentUseless
December 2
Holiday Mecha Nova PlushieMore Useless
Holiday Sloth DeskMore Useless
December 3
Festive Flower ArrangementShows a steady increase, though I don't know why. Maybe its a good gift item? Something to watch.
Where is BonjuBooks are famously good buys, but notice last years books are worth less then 2k, you may want to consider selling soon.
December 4
Winter Woodland Music BoxUseless
Decorated BranchesPeople love seasonal backgrounds, but only in season. I would sell before having to wait until next year. c.f. last year's Kelp Holiday Garland
December 5
Holiday Bow TieI thought this would do better..
Bruce Holiday CardCards are always good for a seasonal spike; Ill keep it on the list to invest in November of next year.
December 6
Yooyu SnowmanUseless
Snowy ScarfSell in season
December 7
Faerie Fruit Filled StockingBoring
Gingerbread FaerieUseless
December 8
Inside the Wishing Well BackgroundSell Now! c.f. last year's Waiting for Restock Background
Chocolate Coin Wishing WellUseless
December 9
Geraptiku Play SetWorse than useless
Island Explorer PlushieMore Useless
December 10
Holiday Esophagor PlushieAnother useless plushie
Candy KeysNothing good for a while now
December 11
Kreludan Hannah PlushieAnother useless plushie
Defenders Holiday BannerUseless
Rod of SupernovaTNT's toying with us again. (The pant devil steals it)
December 12
Holiday PotatoA Potato?
Extreme Holiday Potato*throws it at TNT*
December 13
Hubrid Nox BrucicleMaybe worth something, someday. (wishful thinking)
Hubrid Nox MustacheUseless
December 14
Negg Faerie PosterUseless
Decorated Negg A Negg! Possibly the best gift of the year!
December 15
Hexed Illusen Doll
Illusens Holiday Cream CookieUseless
December 16
Lump of Flaming Coal
Plate of Charred Cookies
December 17
Christmas Von Roo Plushie
JubJub Power Bounce Playset
Terror Mountain Winter JubJub Power Bounce Token 1-packCant be sold, which is a bummer

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