Tarla Items October 2010

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Tarla Items October 2010

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:11 am

Tarla is one of my favorite wreakers of havoc on the Neopian Economy. I decided to go back to October because some of the fluctuations she caused have yet to stabilize. Kudos to Phantoms_Anjel, the only person I found who still tracks her.
If you know of some thing I missed please tell me.

Xweetok Cut N Paste BookBack up in price, sell it if you've got it.
Altadorian DefencesBack up in price
Water MuffinComing off a spike from the war
Snowball SlingshotBack up in price
Secret Laboratory MapShe seems to give these out fairly often, and theres a noticable dip when she does. The Price is still down but you may need to be cautious of which piece. Currently down (by item number): 48583, 8450 and 24500. [Dec 15, 2010].
Velm StampI don't know whats going on with the price of this item.
Island Kacheek ChairPrice is back up
Beginners CursesContinuously dropped in price since October, however it looks like it might finally turn around.
Green Shoyru SofaThis has always been under-priced
Rainbow IxiStill working its way back up to about 1.5k
Metalic Sun StaffThis also has always been under-priced. Be wary of bad BD items.


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