Tarla Items November 2010

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Tarla Items November 2010

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:06 am

Tarla is one of my favorite wreakers of havoc on the Neopian Economy. Kudos to Phantoms_Anjel, the only person I found who still tracks her.
If you know of something I missed please tell me.

Secret Laboratory MapShe seems to give these out fairly often, and theres a noticable dip when she does. The Price is still down but you may need to be cautious of which piece. Currently down (by item number): 48583, 8450 and 24500. [Dec 15, 2010].
Super Icy NeggThis is at a low point, but stable. Probably worth investing in, but cautiously.
Stagnant Puddle of WaterA junk item made junkier


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